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Web 2.0 social media tool

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PIDP 3240 Web 2.0 social media tool

EDMODO: Edmodo is an online social learning network allowing instructors and students to collaborate about resources, quizzes and exams. One of the tools available that I would use in my practice is the ability to create quizzes or exams using multiple choice, true/false, short answer or fill in the blank type questions, these assessments can be sent to the students online along with a due date and any attachments, any supporting links or files that are applicable. The instructor has the flexibility to grade the exams or view the grades on any device available to him for example an iphone and can give the student instant results or feedback if desired. Quizzes can be marked by the program when they are submitted using the answers chosen when the assessment was created. The quiz overview gives feedback to the instructor on student progress,  students that receive high marks can be viewed, pie charts that show the collective total of correct and incorrect answers for each question is available as well as a grade book.

The instructor can annotate student assignments or essays using comments, highlighting, drawing on the assignment or using a strike out tool. The student will receive notification when the assignment is marked and can view the annotations left by the instructor.



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How slang affects student in the classroom

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 How slang affects students in the classroom

Are social media and text messaging negatively impacting students?

The way students communicate with one another through social media and text messaging is creeping into the classroom, slang terms and text-speak have become a common sight on student high school assignments. Teachers have seen a dramatic decline in student writing abilities for example not capitalizing, no punctuation, and any word longer than one syllable is now abbreviated. Students may be unaware they are actually doing it, younger teachers maybe accepting it and older teachers are upset this is becoming our language.

Some advocates of slang words say this trend is simply an evolution of language but some consider it “a dumbing down of culture”. Some feel the writing skills are causing a miscommunication due to the fact their communication is so limited.

Colleges have observed and seen a shift in language used in admissions essays but have not yet seen the shortcuts that you typically see in social communication. While most college official’s stance on slang remains the status quo, the future is unclear as more generations of students grow up with technology that embraces slang.


Little, R. (2011, 06 13).   How slang affects students in the classroom. U.S.News Education , p.   2.



Warren Chow               Student # 000250619